Supercharge Your Health Naturally with This Delicious Organic Superfood!

5 Top Benefits of Raw Chocolate:

 1. Supercharge your health with the most concentrated source of natural magnesium in the world. You need magnesium now more than ever, because The National Institute of Health just reported from a recent study, that 80% of Americans are deficient in magnesium.


2. Boost your energy levels and enhance your moods naturally. Maybe you suffer from random moods swings or you get those awful afternoon coffee crashes? Well, contrary to popular belief, research has shown that raw chocolate contains little to no caffeine...

However, it's loaded with Theobromine, a naturally occurring molecule in raw chocolate that helps boost your energy levels and enhances your mood naturally, without the jitters and without the crash!


3. Powerful anti-aging effects. It's common knowledge now that cancer rates are going up every single day. In fact, I bet you've either gotten cancer yourself or you know someone close to you that has. It's true, the world is becoming more toxic and polluted every single day, which is why anti-oxidants are becoming so important. Fortunately, raw chocolate is jam-packed with anti-oxidants that help protect your body from cell damaging free radicals.


4. Boost your immunity with one the world's most powerful superfoods. Raw chocolate is loaded with natural vitamins and minerals like potassium, magnesium, copper, iron, and zinc that are essential for healthy immune function.


5. Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails. Who doesn't love glowing skin and glistening hair? Well, the high flavanol content in raw chocolate promotes glowing, healthier, younger looking skin, hair and nails.

Professional chocolatier Rich Wilde says he eats 1 bar a day!

His new superfood chocolate bar line is taking guilt free to the next level!


Do you want to eat some delicious chocolate every single day without feeling guilty about it? Because I know I sure do...


“The incredible benefits are in the ingredients we use, I believe everything that you eat should improve your health, including chocolate, that's why I've carefully picked the world's most powerful superfood ingredients to make my chocolates with,” said Rich Wilde, an award-winning chef and chocolatier that was recently featured on NBC and The Dr. Oz show.

But... Rich is not the only one!

Elle Macpherson believes in aging gracefully and taking care of her body. When asked by Vogue Magazine about her diet and daily routine, she said, "I have raw chocolate twice a day, usually after lunch and after dinner"

They don't call runway veteran Elle Macpherson "The Body" for nothing.

When you see what she looks like at 53, It becomes hard to argue with the way she eats... It's all part of her diet that she learned from her longtime nutritional doctor Simone Laubscher, MD.


Handmade with Rare Cacao Beans

His new line of organic chocolate bars are made with these rare, hand-picked, heirloom variety of cacao beans called Arriba Criollo. Less than 1% of all chocolate in the world is made with these extremely rare beans, because they're very sensitive to weather and climate changes...


The only place they grow and thrive naturally, is in the wild jungles of Ecuador.

There is a limited supply of these beans, so Rich only makes a few thousand chocolate bars each month, depending on how many beans he gets. I had a had to wait awhile to get my chocolate initially, because he sells out constantly and I kept on forgetting to order!


Organic Superfood Chocolate...

With No Refined Sugar, No Dairy, No Soy and NO GUILT!


So, what is Wilde Chocolate sweetened with? Good question.


You know by now that those awful refined sugars are harmful for your health. They feed bad bacteria in your gut, raise your blood sugar levels, and simply rot your teeth away...


That's exactly why Mr. Wilde doesn't use any refined sugars or awful artificial sweeteners to make his chocolates with. Instead, he has carefully chosen 3 all natural superfood sweeteners, for their health boosting benefits. Each flavor that he makes, features a different natural sweetener... 


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Handmade In Small Batches With Passion


Back In 2011 Mr. Wilde faced a life threatening digestive disorder that put him in the hospital for over 3 weeks. Ever since his recovery, he has dedicated his life to helping millions of other people like you, reach optimal health.

The best part is, Mr. Wilde has just made healthy eating so much more fun and DELICIOUS than ever before!

Rich is truly a great guy, and you can really tell that he has a lot of passion for what he does. He's a real professional on all levels.

If you haven't tried Wilde Chocolate yet, I'd suggest you get your chocolate soon...

Your very first bite of Wilde Chocolate will 'wow' you with its full-bodied, fruity flavor and rich, inviting floral aroma...


In fact, Mr. Wilde is so confident that you will absolutely love his chocolate, that he even offers you a 100% money back guarantee on all orders. So even if you just don't like the flavor, you can get your money back.


“When your friend says to you, ‘I've never had chocolate this good before’ That’s when you know, you've got some special chocolate!"


Try Rich Wilde's Handmade Superfood Chocolate! You’ll love it...