3 Hidden Benefits of Wilde Chocolate


It’s not often you get to benefit yourself, and others, and the environment.


But that’s exactly what you’re doing by choosing Wilde Chocolate.


You’re getting premium quality raw organic chocolate bars that supercharge your health without the use of dangerous artificial sweeteners or unnecessary harmful fillers. Our amazing ingredients actually work with your body to help improve your health! 


You’re supporting a small family-run business that helps people and the planet by making healthy, sustainable products out of the highest quality all natural, Organic and Fair Trade ingredients. Your support helps us give more and more people the opportunity to use ethical, high-quality products. 

The Environment:

With your purchase, you’re supporting the world because we are dedicated to using the most sustainable products on the planet. Like our 100% compostable chocolate bar wrappers that you can see below...

raw chocolate


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  • Stuart Jones
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